Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Moron, 4x4 and visitor centre

Apologies, I've been messing about with Windows Live and mucked up my sidebar. It's now down at the bottom and I can't for the life of me get it back where it belongs. But I'll get there!
Meantime here's a pic. A close up of the new visitor centre at Arbroath Harbour. I personally would have blown up the 4x4 parked on the double yellows cos he ruined my pic...... asshole!


  1. I won't say blowing up the 4x would be a little drastic. LOL! :-D Hope you get your sidebar back.

  2. Not only did he ruin your pic, he fuddled up your sidebar! And he made me forget a friend's birthday! The nerve of some people.

    I can see what you mean about the building. It's a friendly seeming building, very approachable. Not cold, like I imagined.

    I guess if the harbour is morphing into a different use, I suppose it makes sense for the land bits to change as well. Does it? Still, I have a preference for old, wonky buildings.

    Do all the new light standards, lamp posts, street lights (I forget the word!) look like that in Scotland? It's very similar to the one outside that contemporary art centre.

    OK, I'll shuddup now. :-)

    Good luck with your sidebar!

  3. Groovy building. Pish poor parking. Gas guzzling monstrosity.

    Oh oh - just used a gross Americanisation. I of course meant erm....petrol guzzling. Doesnae have the same alliterative qualities though.

    Sometimes one has to admit it, those Americans get it right, even if they cannae spell 'aeroplane'.

  4. Sidebar sorted....yaaaaay! Good point about the light standard thingy, I never noticed that. They're not lights though, just arty farty steel sculptures. They probably come as part of a gigantic contemporary building kit. You know, check contents.... 1 building, 1 roof, 1 car park, 1 arty farty steel sculpture....
    Just about 2 metres to the right of the pic....... guess what? ... CCTV camera.