Sunday, 26 July 2009

Glen Esk

On Friday I had to make a visit to Glen Esk through work. (A tough job, but someone's gotta do it). The house I had to go to was the third last up the glen. In other words it was the end of the road. I'd never actually been that far up before and all I can say is that it was beautiful.

Driving back down the glen I came across this lovely little church, literally in the middle of nowhere. I missed it on the way up.

Above pic shows the view down the glen from the churchyard.

What really struck me was the unusual stonework. I don't think I've come across this kind of pattern before. The stone looks like granite.

Or perhaps a mix of different stones. Cool or what?

I just loved this doorway and alcove, the main entrance into the church. Unfortunately, the interior didn't really match up to the outside promise..... can't have it all I s'pose.

It's so nice to find something like this when you don't expect it. Such a serene spot and a beautiful building.

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  1. Beautiful indeed in a stunning location.

  2. What a treat to find this. One usually thinks of the church as being the center of the community.

  3. Beautiful... I love that mossy crazy stone work!

    The surroundings and view are gorgeous... are they the Grampian Mountain? I can't find Glen Esk or the middle of nowhere on the map (help!).

  4. Steve - It would have been at one time. It's just that the community no longer exists.

    Marnie - I knew you'd like it. Look for Brechin, then find Edzell and follow the road from Edzell all the way to Invermark Lodge and Loch Lee. The Church is located at Tarfside. Thats just to the left of the Middle of Nowhere.
    And yes, that's the start of the Grampians.

  5. Ah huh! I finally found it, Neil. Thanks.

    It looks like prime blogger drive-by territory, though maybe without getting rectumed by a lorry. ;-)

  6. Enjoyed visiting Glen Esk Neil, what a lovely little church. Is that stonework called herringbone, I think I've come across it in a book somewhere