Monday, 9 November 2009


During my Hebridean sojourn my 12 year old daughter and I enjoyed a delicious lunch of home made Lentil Soup and Cheese and Bacon Panini's in Tarbert before driving the beautiful road out to Hushinish and Scarp.
When we arrived there were three people and three dogs there.......
So we glowered at them till they went away.......

....... then we had the place to ourselves.....

Which is as it should be.

Nothing worse than crowds of people at a beach.

Fiona made a gigantic 'hello' in the sand with her footprints for anyone passing in a plane......
If you all behave I'll show you the beach at Scarp soon.........
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  1. Marvelous post as always, Neil! Love your captures! What a fun looking day! And that's the way to get rid of unwanted two-legged creatures! Glare!!

    Enjoy your week!


  2. I nearly always feel peaceful looking at your photos Neil. Could you pop round occasionally and "will" this over my noisy family? And come and glower at my dogs please, once they have stopped barking after you ring the door bell, of course ....

  3. Beautiful photos, especially the bottom one. What incredible landscapes, but it must be chilly.

  4. You show us some wonderful pictures. I love those remote and barren sites, silence all over, just the elements and you.

  5. What a beautiful place. The sea is an incredible colour - so bright, so green. It's so good to have a beach like this to yourselves

  6. Beautiful photos, Neil.

    What a great place name! I would live there for that reason alone.

  7. Wonderful photos of the beach and it is so nice to have it all to yourself.

  8. Is your glare good enough for St Andrews West Sands? That would need to be some glare huh?