Thursday, 2 September 2010

Corgarff Castle

Skies around the Lecht and Corgarff areas in Invernessshire.

This is the remains of something...... not sure was round and made of stones. Bit vague I know, but hey, I don't know everything.

This is Corgarff Castle, at least I know that.

Here's the history bit....

n 1571, however, Corgarff was torched by Adam Gordon of Auchindoun, ostensibly in support of Mary Queen of Scots(the Forbes family supported the government of the infant King James VI) but there was a long-standing feud between the Forbes and the Gordons. [7.1] In 1571, Adam Gordon besieged Corgarff while Lord Forbes was away on business. [7.2] The laird of Corgarff was away, but Margaret, his wife, was at home and refused them entry. [7.3]

They were replaced with two single-storey pavilions and the star-shaped wall, equipped with musket-loops, that gives Corgarff its unrivalled appearance. [7.4]

In November 1571, Adam Gordon, brother of the Earl of Huntly, attempted to take Corgarff. [7.5]

The grass-grown remains of a small quarry have been recorded in pasture about 90m to the south-west of Corgarff Castle. [7.6]

These were followed by the plunder of Lord Forbes seat itself, and then the murder of twenty-seven Forbes of Towieat Corgarff. [7.7]

On the hill above the castle is this odd Standing Stone, inscribed with a poem of sorts and funny little holes which you look through and can see various landmarks around the area, including the castle.

A bit of an oddity, but quite nice nevertheless.

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  1. How unique.. thanks for sharing a little bit of your corner of the world. I really enjoyed looking at and reading your blog today.

  2. Beautiful photos and good stories too!
    We did not get to stop at this castle but I remember driving through the area in 1988,very lovely! I think we spent most of the day cleaning the car that day after the B&B sausage did not sit well with our then 8 year old daughter!

  3. Love the history you've shared with us, Neil. All of that and gorgeous captures as well! Lovely skies and clouds! Hope you have a terrific weekend!


  4. Hiya Neil,
    I don't think I would put my eye in front of that hole: who knows what would crawl out :-)
    Don't you think the SUN bit is a touch optimistic :-) Fun.

  5. Thank you, Neil. Beautiful skies in the first two shots.
    Invernessshire is one of the places I'd like to visit if I ever get to the north of Scotland. It's a long way from Western Canada, but I have the highlands on my list, and in my blood.
    Alberta, Canada

  6. Love the views, the history, and the odd little monument, holes and all.

  7. That's such a beautiful thought to carve in stone. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Great shots. I particularly like the quirky stone!

  9. very interesting post. the stone is quite unique. lovely scenery.

  10. Great wiews, wish I was there! The stone saying is so true

  11. Beautiful SkyWatch photos

    Happy SWF! Have a nice weekend,

    Regards, Bram

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    Seen on Sky Watch Friday

  12. Very nice photos. Great history and I love the scenery.

  13. Lovely post! I particularly like your third shot looking across the valley. Have a good weekend :-)

  14. Thanks for sharing the history and your beautiful skies. Wonderful photos! Happy skywatching!

  15. Oh, i do like that stone. It's been nice catching up with all your posts today, Neil. I always look forward to your travels, and especially your photographs. Here's to autumn! :)

  16. Certainly plenty of sleet and snow up there. And boy were they busy in those days. Must have been a very lively place.

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY... ya auld fart! :-)

  18. Ha ha..... Traditional Scottish birthday greeting eh?

  19. Bertie Beetle (Australia)19 September 2010 at 03:29

    In sun rain sleet or snow
    Warm your soul before you go
    Take a moment to behold
    As still skies or storms unfold

    We were there recently - this certainly was quaint - and there were no creepy crawlies in the holes!! Am ploughing through my photos from the trip, checking names etc. and stumbled upon your site. Your photos are lovely, specially like the silhouette of the standing stones.

  20. does anyone know who put this beautiful rock here as it is by my grandad's ashes.