Sunday, 18 January 2009

Carnoustie beach.......brrrrr

Had a strong urge to see the sea today so jumped in the car and headed down to Carnoustie. It looked bright if a touch chilly but I thought it might blow the cobwebs away. I'm not a great lover of January in general, it's a pretty crap month when nothing really happens but I have to say that so far this year my disposition has been not too bad. This in spite of the fact that as usual we start the year with a plethora of war and a global financial disaster. Never mind Barack Obama arrives at the White House on Tuesday, he'll sort the world out..........

My walk on the beach lasted half an hour, it was baltic in the extreme. Took me another half hour to thaw out in the car afterwards. It looks ok in the pics I took but as I drove home the snow came on.

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