Thursday, 12 November 2009

Phena... Phene....Phenomenon

A selection of Lewis and Harris skies for Skywatch Friday this week. Looking at this top pic of the rainbow got me thinking about just how much I've always loved them. I think I've instilled this love in my daughter too as she gets even more excited than I do when one should appear.

I still remember the look of awe on her wee face the first time she was made aware of one.

This in turn got me thinking about my favourite sky phenomenon.

Thunder and lightning has to be up there........

Then of course there's the night sky.....

It's difficult to beat a crisp, frosty winter night when the sky is brilliant with stars........

This of course brings to mind the recent meteor shower, Perseids.

Shooting stars just really get the heart pumping.

Or the simple sight of clouds scudding by and the formations changing by the minute.....

If I could be arsed ( or rather, if I had the technowizardry skills) I'd do one of those wee polls that clever people do on their blogs.

But I can't and I don't, so tell me what your favourite sky phenomenon is when you leave a comment........ ah go on......!


  1. Beautiful serie , i love rainbows too and i wish i could see northern lights !

  2. What a beautiful series of sky shots, Neil! I love rainbows, sunsets with lots of gorgeous colors, and sunrises with more of the same colors, but somehow they look different -- the sunset and sunrise skies. The colors may be nearly the same, but there's a different feel to them. My love for skies is one of the reasons I was drawn to Sky Watch soon after I started blogging a little over a year ago and it was only a few months later that I got hooked on photography. So now I just run around clicking and shooting! Now, how's that for more than you ever wanted to know? Great, fun post!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. You've got a series of impressive skypictures here. Wonderful feathering clouds, great rainbow.... Everytime I see a rainbow that Judy Garland songs jumps into my brain, I love them ....

  4. Great collection of various colored skies. I loved the "blue" dark sky best. I love the silvery colors of your header photograph.

  5. Tasty pics as per yoosh, Neil.

    I once sat drunk as a skunk by a burn in Blair Atholl watchin a meteor shower and when i cut back from the burn, away from the trees to our campsite, the whole Milky Way dusty sky thing was going on. Truly remarkable.

    Only seen that once but i keep hopin it'll happen again.

  6. Well, HELLO Neil! What was that new camera again? It has "take only good flicks"-mode in it? Seems to be working fine. Great, great shots. Light on the first is magnificent. Wondering what's the light phenOMENon on the last one? A planet, perhaps?

    Favorite sky happening? A very hard pick. Northern lights, Milky Way, thunder n' lightning, Perseids, heavy rain, sunsets.. List goes on n' on. Can't make up my mind. Sorry.

  7. I enjoyed each of your photos very much! I'm a hopeless sky gazer, but I think rainbows "catch my breath" the most. Great question to pose!

  8. Amazing series of photos. Great work.

  9. Wonderful sequence as ever, Neil - and too hard to choose. The sky in all its moods is fascinating - moon and stars, rainbows, lightning, sun and moonrise and set all have their glory.

  10. WOW, all gorgeous photos. Well done.

  11. I think the Northern Lights would have to be number one on my list, as experiencing them is undescribable. But rainbows, sunsets and thunder and lightning storms are just as spectacular!

    the Leonids meteor shower is at its peak next Tuesday evening and its near the new moon, so plenty of dark sky to see one of the best shows since 2001, which was spectacular (on the prairies of Saskatchewan). Here's hoping for clear skies!

  12. I'm just getting caught up on your recent posts. Love the images from the sea and the Skywatch post.

  13. Hmmm, I like thunder and lightening too and the northern lights but I think the phena... phene....phenomenon that wows me the most is a harvest fullmoon.

    Speaking of which, I love your bottom photo. ;-)

  14. Hard to choose. Northern Lights, perhaps, once seen on the road from Rothes to Elgin in the winter of 1974, a whole green and blue curtain hanging above the Moray Firth. I remember The Carpenters were on the car radio...Or a Perseid meteor shower, seen above Slocan Lake in British Columbia. Or any new moon, any time, anywhere.