Thursday, 28 January 2010

$1 million prize

I took the top three pics early yesterday morning in Arbroath, whilst waiting to go in to a course on how to sit in a chair and look at a computer 'correctly'...... How I've survived till now I just don't know.
The silhouette of Arbroath Abbey against the morning sky caught my eye.....

......But just to the right of the Abbey, I was struck by something in this scene. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Perhaps it was the glint of the sun?.....

I'm not sure how noticeable it is in the two pics.....but there's a prize of $1 million for the first person who spots it and leaves a comment...... well, mebbe not.
Clicking to enlarge will help........ the pics were taken approximately 60 seconds apart.

What is it about this telegraph that fascinates me?

A slightly warmer feel to take us into evening.

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  1. Hi Neil, the only thing I can think of that caught your eye in shot 2 and 3 is the cross in the window of the church tower, It looks brighter in the second of the two shots. When I read your question at first I enlarged the shot and scanned expecting to see ms toast burner jogging in her new support and shoes. No idea at all about the telegraph post.

  2. I'm not sure what you are wanting so I guess the million $ has just slipped through my fingers.

    Nice pictures though.

  3. Congrats Chris.....IF there had been a million going.....YOU would have won it.
    How does it feel?
    You're bang on....the cross in the church is illuminated and it fades and grows stronger.
    Took me a few minutes to figure it out.
    You were also correct about ms toastburner.....but she had just run round the corner and out of sight, on her way back to Victoria. Not a bad training run for a novice!

    Yogi - Tough shit time eh?

  4. and i was thinking that it was the slight sun rays peeping out from the clouds :) but anyway, i love the last pic the most. blazing! have a good weekend!

  5. Do I get any cash for just being mentioned? ;-)

    Good eye, Chris!

    And great photos, Neil... you've done a couple or a few of the poles with the wires. I suspect that image is one that might soon disappear with all this bluetooth, wireless stuff that I'm sure you know all about. :-) Great images for the archives.

    And the last photo is simply wonderful!

  6. Well I noticed the cross but then dismissed it...whay does that say about me! lol Nice piccies and the course sounds stultifying!

  7. Unfortunately not Ms TB. Quite the reverse in fact. A mention on my blog actually costs 200 Canuck dollars....given that you got two....means you owe me 400 bucks. Cash or cheque acceptable.

    Sarah - Stultifying comes close (nice word btw).
    And the fact that you dismissed the cross probably says you have too large a brain for my blog!

  8. WOW Neil, I feel really good now that I am rich. No more Smart Price food from Asda from now on and I will put 15 quids worth of petrol in the car next time. I'm sorry that I didn't catch sight of ms T would love to have seen the blue shoe flashing up and down as she headed back home after her mega marathon. Well done girl.