Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Late Bird Catches The Goose

At around 3pm this afternoon I decided I'd go and catch the last couple of hours of daylight to take some pics. Picking up my camera, I thought it might be an idea to check the battery.....


So I had to charge it for an hour.

Eventually I made it down to Forfar Loch at around 4.15pm....

I think I hit it at just the right time. The setting sun was creating some beautiful colours both across the loch and in the sky.

The reflections of the sky on the partially frozen loch created a scene of calming beauty.

This would've been quite a good pic if I hadn't managed to catch the grass in the foreground and the arse of the duck disappearing bottom left...... I should've cropped it but hey....It's the weekend and I'm allowed to be lazy.

By the time I got around to taking these, I could no longer feel my hands.... It was seriously cold.

It got to the point where I was sticking both thumbs in my mouth to try to warm them up!

I just hope nobody saw me.

As I was kneeling down to get this pic, a wee girl approached me. She must have been around nine or ten. Her Dad was a bit behind her. She looked out over the ice and the ducks and geese, took it all in and said to me, 'Ooh that's soooo nice. Look at the way they're all standing on the ice'..... Not in your usual ten year old excitable way, but more thoughtful and restrained.

I had to swallow hard...... a little thing like that can make your day.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a flat battery which resulted in these lovely shots. The colour across the water in the first is amazing, well worth an enlargement to hang on the wall. I love the geese ones even with the D A, how would the poor bird have felt if you'd cropped its arse. Just remembered I used to have a hair cut called a D A, I'm letting my age away now. Damn kids can really tug at the old heart strings sometimes. Gulp!

  2. Your tiny hand is frozen...ah now, that one got to me. This aria is a sentimental favourite of mine, especially with Carlo Bergonzi and Renata Tebaldi. sigh. I'd not heard of Mr Johnston before, it's a beautiful recording. Your photos are lovely, Neil. Perfect timing! Grass and arses, i've been having the same problem with ducks and reeds. It's still a lovely shot. I love the photo of the goose, Mr One Leg, if i tried to do that i'd fall over. ;)

  3. I love the sunset shots, Neil. Wonderful.

  4. love all the nature pics...aaaaaw wow a one legged goose, it looks like nothing has happened at all...

  5. Wow, awesome shots, Neil! The sunsets shots are gorgeous and I love the geese too.

  6. Beuatiful shots with amazing colors and a soft light in them:)

  7. ssems there was a meaning with your unloaded battery. Otherways you might have missed those wonderful wiews. Really great and i like the story

    Christina Sweden

  8. Those are great photos. You must be cold after taking the pictures ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

    Frozen delight

  9. Glorious shots and if you'd been earlier you would have missed the little girl and her heartfelt remark too as well as the wonderful sunset.

  10. Great goose - geese- shots! And you know it's really cold when your nostrils stick together as you're trying to breathe...relatively warm here today...-7C

  11. All of these are terrific. It was definitely good that you got delayed because the lighting was so much better. Wonderful scenes...all of them!

  12. Beautiful serie , perfect light :)

  13. It's an art to freeze beautiful moments in a perfect manner and you are an expert at it...

    Pixellicious Photos