Monday, 4 January 2010

Jack's Bench

A return from the blogwilderness......

Now I know there's a bit of a theme going on here, but bear with me and let me get it out of my system......

I've always loved this song since I first heard it years ago, but recent events have given it an added poignancy.

These pics were taken yesterday at a frozen and snowy Rescobie Loch just outside Forfar.

It was one of those beautiful winter's days, bright blue skies, crunchy snow, freezing temperatures......

The sun was very low and was casting lovely long shadows across the snow.

I love this little bench and often wonder who Jack was......

I like the simplicity of the message his friends left.


  1. Friendship is a wonderful thing. I feel the crunch of the snow and glory in the crisp, clear air and deeply feel the poignancy of the empty bench.

  2. I can only echo everything that Arija has written. Your photos are beautiful as always, Neil. Wishing you a good week!


  3. We'll be thinking of you both on Wednesday, Neil, and remembering Irene. Please give your girl a big hug from us all in Harris. Sheila

  4. I wonder if Jack and his mates used to fish at that spot. How nice to be able to sit there, in the sun, and remember a friend. That was an incredible song, Neil, i'd not heard it before. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

  5. Gorgeous pictures - you could give our snow a run for it's money at the moment !

    Lovely spot for a bench too - they are always so thoughtfully and gracefully placed.

    Pinging positive thoughts your way ...

  6. This is so beautifully, words,'s all right ..and I hope you are too.

  7. I LOVE the picture of the grass and the snow. The light and the texture are great. Beautiful:)

  8. Today will be a tough day for you but please know We are thinking of you and Fi, Stay strong and sending love from the Isle of Scalpay, Please tell Fi we are sending her our best and big hugs, Take care xx

  9. Mmmmm .... that was a very sentimental moment for me; remembering snow. I love the picture of the bench next to the lake - beautiful composition.