Saturday, 23 January 2010

Winter Trees

Wandering aimlessly through Crombie Country Park, I was struck by the beauty of the winter trees silhouetted against the grey skies. There's undoubtedly a sense of desolation about them.

And yet their veinous form reminds you that soon enough the lifeblood will flow through them again.

Hurry up Spring...

Winter Trees

The wet dawn inks are doing their blue dissolve.
On their blotter of fog the trees
Seem a botanical drawing --
Memories growing, ring on ring,
A series of weddings.

Knowing neither abortions nor bitchery,
Truer than women,
They seed so effortlessly!
Tasting the winds, that are footless,
Waist-deep in history --

Full of wings, otherworldliness.
In this, they are Ledas.
O mother of leaves and sweetness
Who are these pietàs?
The shadows of ringdoves chanting, but easing nothing.

Sylvia Plath 1932-1963

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  1. Veinous form, I like that Neil,a good way of imagining the sap rising in spring to clothe the trees in shining fresh leaves.Like you I think trees in winter are beautiful too.

  2. yes winter trees hold wonderful beauty and your photos show this.

  3. Beautiful poem and photos, the last shot is my favorite. Well done!

  4. These are beautiful photos, and I love your words.

  5. Beautiful post, Neil. I am very fond of winter trees. :)