Thursday, 4 March 2010


Due to a particularly vicious attack of manflu, my brain is unable to put together both words and pictures this Scenic Sunday....

And just in case there are those of you out there who doubt the severity of this awesomely debilitating condition I include these quotes from an established academic source.... The Uncyclopedia....

'Man flu' (not to be confused with woman flu, nor the much less serious actual flu) is the single most fatal illness in the known universe. It is estimated that every year 482 million men die from this disease, making it more devastating than such great illnesses as the Black Death and the Black Death II. There is only one species known to man that is immune to the devastating man flu; Women. It is for this reason that many cynical women are unable to comprehend the sheer enormity of suffering induced by man flu, having only suffered their puny woman flu.

There are, of course, alternative views about the origin of Man flu. The most popular theory is that God himself was the first ever sufferer of man flu and that it's because of this that he hasn't returned for judgement day or finished the Forth Bridge. On a similar note his only son Jesus was suffering man flu when nailed to the cross and this was the single cause for his death (did you honestly think God's offspring could be killed by a couple of nails?!).

At present there is no known cure for Man flu. However, there are a small number of remedies that have been scientifically proven to ease suffering:
At least a week off work, two weeks if especially serious.
Having a TV next to the bed.
Having the man's girlfriend wait on him hand and foot.

so there....


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  1. Hilarious post! (Sorry if I sound as if I am laughing at your suffering! I actually find your record of the event hilarious! No way would I laugh at anyone suffering sickness however small/big!) And meanwhile, you post beautiful photos in between!

  2. Oh dear. Man flu. So sad. Really. We should take you out and shoot you then? No? Ahhhh, thought not! You guys are such, such...well, babies. But every woman knows that,and so we allow it...and it's for 1 week, not 2. (Very lovely photos are your redemption)

  3. Great story and I think you put words together quite well considering ;-) and I agree with Susan about the sickness and men......

    The photos are wery good,I love the first one with the sun, the tree in the middle with shadows in the water. Great composition

    Christina, Sweden

  4. LOL! First time I've heard of man flu and I think it's hilarious! I think my husband suffers from it every now and then too.

    Love your gorgeous photos! A two week break in a place this beautiful seems like the perfect remedy to your current bout of man flu.

    Have a sweet Scenic Sunday! :)

  5. a truly scenic if sniffling sunday

  6. Funny post! :-) I hope you will get well as soon as possible!

  7. Oh, poor baby- I hope you feel better really soon. Quick, let us rally with chicken soup and tv remotes, and good dose of lemsip.

    Fab pictures, by the way -and honestly, I do hope you feel better soon. Horrible when you feel horrible.

  8. Amazing photos, Neil! That tree in the water... gorgeous.

    Manflu, schmanflu, I get manpms! ;-)

  9. Maybe a good dose of being around some manpms is just the cure for manflu. Get you up and out again. :)

    Beautiful photos.

  10. Don't be fooled by the name, I have seen much evidence of this affliction's onset before what we would normally consider manhhod, or puberty for that metter :)

    Hope your'e feeling better soon.

  11. Oh bless, you poor wee thing. Hope you are back to "normal" soon. Rub some Vick on your chest (unless it's hairy) and get a hot toddy. DEspite your suffering you posted some great shots.

  12. I love it. I too am suffering from a severe strain, so much so that I didnt get too Dens Park yesterday(and got to say i was glad!!) My women are all oot fir mithers day and ive had too look efter the dog and the budgie plus dose mehself up
    Bob Curran