Friday, 26 March 2010

A Very Scottish Spring

I'm keeping an eye on blogs around the world and keep seeing references to this 'Spring' thing.

I'm a touch mystified by this.....

In fact I'm beginning to have a nasty suspicion that this 'Spring' thing has passed over Scotland....

.........and just zoomed off towards Scandinavia and Russia.

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  1. We had Spring last week.
    This week, it's back to Winter, so goes March ;)
    Love your even looks cold.

  2. if one primrose makes a spring then spring has sprung in skye..

  3. Oh know don't say that....spring truly is just around the corner....I was out for my run today and saw so many springy things...bloosoms,the birds are coming's just amazing....It will be there soon don't dispair

  4. April is but a week away, take heart!
    Spring will find its way to you in Scotland and the hedgerows will bloom and much sneezing will ensue!
    The photos of the last bits of Wintery days are very nice this week!

  5. holy crab that's miserable! hall yar arse 2 my new blog and u get 2 c best that finnish nature can offer winta weta wice. (:

  6. Hi Neil, don't despair Spring really is on the way. Even up here in the north we have got daffs blooming and our farm pond has got lots of frogs making out.

  7. It is much greener on the west coast, but that might have something to do with the endless rain :)

  8. So Spring hasn't afflicted you yet, Neil!

  9. Have faith. I have to where I live! I saw pussywillow last week, and I even saw a blade or three of green grass this week. Something is happening, albeit far too bloody slowly for my liking!