Monday, 19 April 2010

Arbroath cowers beneath the foreboding clouds of volcanic ash...... no, not really.

But you could have been forgiven for putting two and two together and getting five this afternoon.

There were certainly some curious cloud formations above me as I drove from Montrose down to Arbroath this afternoon

I saw in the news today that the Royal Navy has been dispatched to pick up stranded Brits abroad...... The Dunkirk Spirit eh?
This does however leave one wondering exactly what it is the Royal Navy gets up to when there are no Brits stranded on a beach somewhere.

It also makes one wonder whether the Navy would have been dispatched in such a gung ho manner to the resounding applause of David Cameron and his cronies if there wasn't a General Election in the offing......
Or am I just being cynical (as usual)

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  1. Oh, you cynic, you!
    How proud the Royal Navy must feel! In future years, to the question, 'What did you do in the Navy, Daddy? (or Mummy)' will the answer, 'We rescued holidaymakers' stir the heart?
    . . . and people are astounded (apparently) that some have travelled 22 hours and still have the onward journey from Dover to Londond . . . goodness, hardship indeed!

  2. You do have some grumpy looking skies and those can indeed encourage the cynic! Have problems like that all the time and these days I don't even need grumpy skies! The only good thing about politicians these days is they cause me to lose my appetite -- better than going on a diet! Great shots, regardless! Have a great week, Neil!


  3. Those are foreboding clouds. I'm glad I didn't choose this week to visit Scotland, it would have become a very expensive vacation!

  4. Those are some incredible skies there!

  5. aloha,

    thanks for showing us a little bit about your corner of the world today....those are moody skies i wonder how much of that contains ash?

  6. haha Love the cynical attitude
    Those clouds are something.. I just LOVE BIG SKIES!!!
    So are you actually seeing any of this ash that is being spoken of all over the world????? Is it affecting you over your way??? It's interesting to me as last year we had 3 red dust storms in Sydney.. incredibly weird.. and scary to drive in.. and still to this day I find red dust around my home... so was wondering how your guys are being affected by all this... Great photos of course!!!! Julie

  7. You, cynical? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

    I love the clouds in the third pic. Amazing!

  8. You could have fooled me...Those clouds look like they might be from a volcanic eruption.

    I'm sure the Royal Navy is always looking for ways to keep bad guys out of the UK. I'm a bit partial to the navy as my dad was a US Naval offficer during WW2 in the South Pacific.

  9. P.S. I do know how to spell "officer."

  10. Cynical and ash-looking indeed. I love that third photo - looks a bit of a schizophrenic sky, not sure what it wants to do or be.

  11. I love your clouds, Neil! I kept taking photos of the ones up here. Did your clouds have a beige tint to them, too? Or are we just special up here. ;)