Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Heart of Darkness

Aware that I run the risk of being labelled as a grumpy old Luddite, I nevertheless feel compelled to express my serious concern regarding light bulbs.

Wtf is going on?.......

What's this all about?

Now I'm as green as the next guy.... but I have my limits.
I went into the kitchen tonight and switched the lights on......ping!
Ok....into the cupboard for a replacement..... and this was all I could find. A poor excuse for a lighting source if ever I saw one. All the radiance of a single match.
My entire house is now populated by these monstrosities, skulking in the darkness with their sad attempts at illuminating the shadowy corners.

Taking into account my crap vision under normal circumstances, these really aren't helping matters.
I used to be able to read in my house......sadly a thing of the past after the hours of darkness now.
I'm seriously considering investing in one of those miners lamps you wear on your head..... and that's just for going to the loo. I've taken to peeing in the bath to make sure I don't miss!

......and they call this progress?... pah!


  1. Neil that made me laugh. Hope your keeping well give Fiona my LOVE. XX

  2. They are pretty crap initially, but if you wait for, oh, say, about three hours, they warm up and light up quite well!

  3. Oh that image does not bear thinking about it....You'd better get off and buy yourself one of those wee headlamps.. xx

  4. So, so true, Neil! ;D I'm still using the ones that Scottish Hydro posted...three times. I've now got a drawer full of these bloody bulbs! Do you think Specsavers is behind this? 8)

  5. Thought i was gonna be all smert erse and comment "the horror, the horror", but you beat me to the punch, Neil.

    ER could be onto somethin there but i have faith that in the dim and distanbt future, eco bulbs'll get their act together. Surely.

  6. I've been trying to picture you wearing a "wee" headlamp and peeing in the bath but I know what you mean about these newfangled lightbulbs. One in my bedside lamp exploded whilst I was reading in bed and drinking my Horlicks and I finished up wearing the Horlicks and had to find my way to the main lightswitch by the light of my mobile phone. NOT FUNNY !!!