Monday, 11 May 2009


Three pics of Arbroath. Top one shows Stuarts Smokie Shop in Ladybridge Street, just across the road from Peppos chip shop.
The middle pic shows the 'end' of Arbroath taken from the cliffs side. If you turned 180 degrees here you'd have an uninterrupted view of the cliffs. The seagulls are obligatory.
The bottom pic is East (or West) Abbey Street. Not often you can look up from a car lined street and see the ruins of an ancient Abbey.


  1. Hey Neil... I love the second and third (I think?) houses from the left... the brickwork is great, all chunky like... sort of looks like they were made from what's missing from the Abbey. Mebbe.

    The seafront looks great. From the looks of the pavement, did you get a bit moist?

  2. Hey, Neil, is that the abbey the where the Declaration of Arbroath was made? 1320 and all that?

  3. mtb - I was actually back in that street today so I took some close ups for you.... to be posted soon. Red sandstone... al over the feckin place. And it takes more than a wee shower to get a Forfar man moist!

    Naldo - That's the very place mate. 'As long as a hundred of us ....etc.'

  4. Yippy! Looking forward to seeing them.
    (Hurry up ;-))