Friday, 15 May 2009

Red sandstone

You may remember this pic from a post last week some time. Or at least one close to it. The distinctive red sandstone of Arbroath Abbey.

In response to a comment from a Young Canadian lady, here's some close ups of the building she liked with the 'knobbly' stonework.

I'm really not sure why the large entrance is there, it seems there is quite a large courtyard within. I didn't have time to investigate properly. It looks to me like it was likely some sort of commercial building in the past, but it's all residential now.

Cool brickwork though.


  1. Thanks Neil! :D The brickwork is even better than I expected; it's fantastic!

    'Young' Canadian, ha! You still owe me a beer. ;-)

  2. Just thought I pop in and say hello from another part of Scotland with lots of sandstone. I enjoyed your blog. Love the back back roads, they are like the ones I cycle on.