Sunday, 1 November 2009

Cliasmol, Harris

Driving west on Harris on the B887 from Bunabhainneadar (and no it's not a whisky, that's Bunnahabhain). You'll come across this quaint wee building.
I won't ask you to guess what it is, it's unlikely you'd get the answer.
It's Cliasmol Primary School.

This is the road carrying on past it. Remote eh?

Sadly, it was closed about 18 months ago. The school roll was four and two of those were due to go on to high school.

There's been a school here for 84 years. There are no children under the age of five in the area, hence the decision to close it's doors.

I got to thinking how the kids who went here coped with the hustle and bustle of High School.

Culture shock or what?

The school cook worked here for 40 years.

How's that for a playground?

Sad eh?

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  1. That is pretty remote and not many children living in the school district. I love the little schoolhouse and the scenery is awesome!

  2. There are little red brick schoolhouses all over eastern converted to homes and testimony to the ever strengthening lure of bright lights, big city. And I think it's sad too.

  3. Beautiful scenery even though the school is now closed! I love that red color on the schoolhouse..

  4. The red gives it a Scandinavian tinge. As you say, high school must have been a shock to the system.

    I've enjoyed your Lewis/Harris series. Must get there one day.

  5. That would be my idea of a good place to go to school, how sad it's now closed.

  6. Here we used to say that when a school closes, a village dies ...

  7. Building reminds me of barn, bit of eye sore. On the contrary to that stunning scenery. Playground/school yard has one fine looking dart board. I wanna see the darts. LOL!

    Similar things had happens here too. Almost everybody lives in cities these days. Most parts of country is unhabited. It's a goddamn shame. And all coz of the money. These days..

  8. Sad, and typical of so many communities here in the Highlands. Although we're told that the population is increasing, the schools keep closing. Students must travel far or board in hostels for their secondary schooling. Small wonder they end up leaving. Great photos, Neil.

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  10. I toured the Outer Hebrides in a motorhome and drove along this road in June 2007. The school was still in use then and i took a few photo's of it. To the left are remnants of an old Whaling station but the real gem is where the road ends at Hushinish. White beach with crystal clear blue/green water, completely deserted and absolutely stunning.

    The school is for sale now. Offers over £80k.

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