Friday, 26 February 2010

Shetland Ponies and Snow

Sky?..... what sky?'s the same colour as the ground!!!........ well nearly.

Driving back from Monikie to Forfar. I had to stop to see how my little Shetland ponies were coping with the nasty weather.

As you can see, they're brave and hardy wee buggers. Not much phases them. It was an unbelievably miserable day, driving snow, freezing temperatures. The sort of day when a sensible bloke wouldn't get out of his car!!!!

But I liked this vid of the pony who thought he was a dog.......

watch it and smile.....

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  1. oh...the same landscape like in Sweden...

    nice shot, dear
    have a nice day

  2. Oh, Neil, I love the video!! Thanks so much for posting it! Definitely the biggest smile/giggle for the day! And your world does look so miserably cold and WHITE!! Terrific shots -- made me shiver just looking at them! Hope the ponies are doing ok! Have a great weekend! Stay warm!


  3. Awwwwww, what a sweet video! :-)

    Your ponies do look hardy, Neil. Do you think it will ever stop snowing in Scotland?

  4. As it is snowing very hard here and we just got 30cm of snow, I would say we look somewhat similar in landscape too! Love the pics of the Shetlands and the video!

  5. Sweetest video in the land. Lovely. As cold as the photo look, I like the light - strangely eerie.

  6. The same landscape here in the US too. Keep warm! Happy weekend!

    SkyWatchFriday:Beautiful Sunset

  7. It looks very cold; I love the Shetland ponies. Do they have a shelter or are they day and night, summer and winter outside? I watched the video, it is so cute the little pony playing with this dog, I guess his friend!

  8. what lovely photos...i have noticed the starkness of photos on blogs in the UK and i realized after living in New England for over 12 years now...that you don't have many trees. It makes for such a beautiful landscape though!

  9. Love the ponies photos and the video was really nice. Loved watching the pony play with the labs.

  10. Oh My Word!! I'm Freezing in here!!!LOLOL...
    Great shots!!! Off to watch the video now!
    Have a happy weekend!