Monday, 22 February 2010


My World Tuesday..... ha!

These are pics from Friday past.

My World today is a bit upside down.... in a good way!

I love the simplicity of this.......

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  1. Love your winter wonderwork, Jack Frost certainly was busy.

  2. Flippin eck, you really are makin the most of this winter thing eh, Neil. Good on you, mate, i failed to keep seein the positive side several weeks ago. Just want it to be warm.

    Right, if the Dee get promoted, you gonna meet me for a pre-match pint in the Phoenix or the Clep or summat?

  3. Beauty lies in simplicity! AND that' what really describes your part of the world! Awesome pictures!

  4. Beautiful, Neil. I always try to avoid power lines, but your last photo is stunning, and it wouldn't be quite so interesting without them!

  5. Naldo - The Phoenix or The Clep?.... ffs I couldn't choose mate....It'll have to be both!
    But bear in mind our ability to self destruct!

    Louise - Yes... I liked the near but not quite parallelism. Is that how you spell that?

  6. Liked all shots here. But the first is a favorite. Very nice.

  7. I think the 2nd one with the electric post is my favorite. Nice angle and great framing.

  8. Great post! Especially I like #3 :)