Tuesday, 11 May 2010


What a f*****g disaster for this country.......and by this country, I mean Scotland. I could go on and on and on about why this is so........ but I'm so depressed about the whole shambolic situation I really don't want to depress myself any further....

In fact I'd rather discuss England's World Cup Squad.......

As a good friend of mine texted me tonight and said.....'They don't like Brown, so let's see how well 3.5 million unemployed, riots in the streets and interest rates at 15 % goes down. Ah those were the days'


  1. So, you DID stay up and catch the news? ;-)

  2. That's how I felt about eight years of George Bush. It was devastating to my psyche.

  3. OMFG :)

    Apparently they've thrown the Scottish Office to the LibDems - no that I'm cynical or anything.... time to renegotiate my fixed rate mortgage methinx

  4. Shabby digs (that's a new weege phrase that i'm gonna use for a while).

    I wonder how the actual liberals in the Lib Dem party feel about cosyin up to Tories. Bizarre in extremis.

    Bit obvious now but independence cannae come soon enough.

  5. United Kingdom, right. NI, Wales, and Scotland not represented. If this isn't a call for independence for all of us,i don't know what is.