Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ponies, Rape and Primark

Yeah.....I know, strange title for a blogpost, but......

All will become clear dear blogfriend.....

These were taken last Saturday during the 48 hours that was Scotland's summer......

I took pics of these fellas in the bleak midwinter....... some of you may remember.
They were freezing their little nuts off back then. Saturday saw them in happier mood.

And in response to demand...... my three quid t shirt from Primark. Extremely natty dontcha think?
Although Molly, my wee girl's dog steals the show somewhat.......

Much prettier than my belly....

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  1. Ah cute...Hope you are doing to your wee girl. xx

  2. How cute is that? Aaaw. She looks like she's gonna wee on yar shirt if not released immeadetly. LOL! 8D

  3. vibrant

    happy swf

  4. Cute, and what a differense when going back.
    Lovely skywatch ;)

  5. Not strange at all! I love the field! And such cute dachhund!

  6. The fields are beautiful when they are in bloom like that! And I love the shaggy ponies! The shirt did not come through, unfortunately, but who can resist soft brown eyes!

  7. Molly's thinking... "Can you believe he paid three quid for this?"


    Very sweet ponies (and belly) but Molly takes the cake! Those eyes and wee eye brows... awwwww!

  8. I do love this post and I'm really happy that I came across your blog!

  9. Molly is sweet looking! The oilseed rape is amazing in bloom and the wee Shetland looks much happier! I like your 3 quid tee!

  10. The dog looks like it could be as feisty as a wee McGreggor dog. You've got to see this photo of Scottish Highlander cows living in Greensboro, NC.


  11. Wonderful series of photos, the sky and fields are beautiful. And Molly is a real cutie!

  12. It took a double-take to work out the "rape" bit !! D'oh!

    Great colours in the field and on your torso.
    PS - three quid? Bargain!

  13. Great shots of rape and ponies Neil. Scotland is very yellow at this time of year, even your t shirt (not bad for 3 quid 'though the dog doesn't seem impressed. You should save it for when you take up bowling.

  14. Really cute captures! The theme / template of your blog is really awesome!!!

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