Monday, 16 February 2009


As promised, the home of the mighty Red Lichties (Arbroath F.C.). Not the best perspective it has to be said, but its not an easy ground to photograph. Need a bit of height in order to look into it. The middle pic shows just how close the pitch is to the North Sea. I reckon it can only be 20 to 30 yards when the tide is fully in. So a good high tide and a stonking south easterly and it's easy to see how the pitch can become a home from home for various forms of aquatic life. The top pic shows the comedy street name from which the ground takes its name. Strange, because the ground is actually situated in Queen Street.....!


  1. Beautiful, Neil. Thank you so much. That proximity to the sea thing makes me reckon the fishy tale must be true.

    Queen Street as well - those Victorians had some sense o humour eh?.

  2. I have to admit I resisted the temptation to make a comment about Bender Avenue across the road ..... However, truth being funnier than fiction...right next door to Gayfield is an amusement arcade called...wait for it.......Pleasureland. Only in Arbroath.