Sunday, 22 February 2009


I've just discovered Spotify...... a music lovers dream. A limitless online jukebox which guarantees hours of musical pleasure. And ALL FOR FREE!!!! It occurred to me that twenty or thirty years ago anyone even suggesting something like this would be seriously laughed at. It may not be downloadable yet, but it also occurs to me that most people will use it as a means of checking out music they would otherwise be unable to..... then either go on to buy it or download.

I think its Swedish based and the technology behind it is impressive. The speed at which the tracks follow each other is amazing. Although the down side may be the fact that when using it free you have to contend with advertising, at the moment it doesn't appear to be too intrusive. For a fee ( a tenner a month) you can dispose of the ads altogether.

However it develops in the future, I have a feeling it's a place I'm going to be spending a bit of time.

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