Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tutties Neuk

This is Tutties Neuk in Arbroath, just across the road from Gayfield, the football ground. I believe it can get quite busy about 2pm every alternate Saturday. Locals have reported as many as five punters cramming the bar all at once...... not for the faint hearted. After taking this photo I got to wondering where the name came from and rather than wander in and ask the jovial mine host, who probably would have answered along the lines of 'how the **** should I know', I decided to text a friend who was Arbroath born and bred and ask him, he replied 'how the **** should ......'. No, he didn't really. His succinct and accurate response was 'Tutties Neuk (Nook) the place where the herdsmen assembled the cattle by the toot (Tuttie) of horns to take them to moors via Nolt (cattle) Loan (road)'......... So now I know!

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