Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Barca v Man U

Ok, now I have your attention girls. Tonight sees large swathes of Europe settling down in front of their tellys at 7.45pm to watch the Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United.

An eagerly awaited contest which should see most football purists hoping for a Spanish win.

Two of the worlds best players will face up to each other in Christiano Ronaldo (above) and Lionel Messi (below)

The match will be played in Rome, at the Stadio Olimpico..... I'm taking the phone off the hook.

1 comment:

  1. Neil, i'm chuffed to bits to be described by you as a fitba purist. Man U's aggressive, ref intimidating, howf it fast an furious tactics were completely nullified by the boys fae Barca and their beautifully crafted pass and move style. Thought Puyol coulda dived a bit less though.

    Anyway, despite the obscene amounts of money involved at the very top, anyone watchin last night would have to agree that fitba is by a very long chalk, the best spectator sport in the world. Apart fae shinty of course. Oh, and curling.