Sunday, 3 May 2009

Pigeons's skulls and tides

This was the view from the front door of the cottage I rented for a week two years ago. The one where you had to cross the floating bridge to get to? You can just see Gairloch in the distance to the right of the white cottage on the left. This was taken when the tide was out. I got a bit of a shock the first time I saw it come in. You can just make out the wooden decking below the bench, that's where the tide came up to! About ten feet from the front door. The guy who built this place certainly knew his tides. Wonder what global warming will to do the ground floor in 30 years or so?

Another Roman Gloaming shot.....

This was taken at a beach about two miles north of Gairloch. I like this photo. I had it as my blog header when I first started this. It's really where 'light and dark' came from. It's the silveriness I think, and reminds me of William McTaggart's seascapes.

Los meurtos abren los ojos a los que viven

I found a pigeon's skull on the machair, All the bones pure white and dry, and chalky, But perfect, Without a crack or a flaw anywhere. At the back, rising out of the beak, Were domes like bubbles of thin bone, Almost transparent, where the brains had been That fixed the tilt of the wings.
Hugh McDiarmid (1892-1978)
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  1. Wow. I can see why you loved the silver in the last photo. It's beautiful.

  2. Lols :D Why did the Romands have to leave? Love the sunset, and the silvery sand. Bet that cottage gets exciting when there's a stormy spring tide outside!

  3. What beautiful scenes these are. All three pics are terrific. That first view is stunning. What a great place to rent a little cottage...

  4. That's a heck of a tide rise & the builder was cutting it close, indeed! Beautiful photos - I love the lighting in all the photos! Great shots

  5. Wonderful photos as usual, Neil and I thought that 'light and dark' was you. Actually, I still do. :-P

  6. Now that's a view to have out side your front door. Nice one.