Monday, 25 May 2009

The Pipers Hillock

This is the graveyard half way up Glen Clova known as The Pipers Hillock. I posted a pic a couple of months ago and this is a kind of follow up to that.

It's a lonely spot, right in the middle of nowhere. I tried to find out why it's where it is, to no avail. But I'll get there in the end.

Maybe someone, sometime ago decided the view would be pleasant for a dead relative. Alternatively, maybe they thought the view would placate them when they visited dead relatives. Who knows?

The Earl of Airlie has put this notice up at the entrance to the graveyard. It refers to the Airlie Monument which was built in memory of his grandfather and sits on top of a hill visible from many miles around. It can clearly be seen from the Pipers Hillock.

Spot the spelling mistake?

Not the best pic I'm afraid, but that's the Airlie Monument in the distance.
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  1. Say, you don't have Spring in Scotland by now? We have summer in Middle Europe!
    I DO love the second picture!

  2. It seems the Memorial is separate from the headstones. Good luck in your search for more info. Like the graveyard capture.

  3. Beautiful photos as always, Neil, as well as an interesting post! Always enjoy learning more about others "worlds"!

  4. It's a beautiful view. I think I'd prefer it as a living person than as a dead one though.

    ...and admired noT only by the people...

    I noticed 'erect and proud' too, lol.

  5. I really love this first photo.

  6. Seasonally it does appear to still be drear there, but the landscape is hauntingly lovely!

  7. Beautiful photos - can't spot the spelling mistake, though.