Sunday, 30 August 2009

Arbroath Cliff Jumping

Do you think they read the sign?
Twenty years ago I might have considered this. The quality isn't brilliant and the music's even worse, but you have to hand it to them..... Nutters!

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  1. Beautiful coastline but no diving for me, thank you.

  2. Yeah, slightly insane but I admire that risk taking in an odd way.

    I once jumped off a cliff into a local lake and because of the angle I entered the water and because of poor stitching quality, the force of the water ripped my shorts right off! Both side seams completely ripped apart. That was the last time I did that.

    Can you really see whales from there?

  3. Oh what a beautiful one....Happy SS! Mine is up too.

  4. Lol..... yeah... I put a 'special' one up just for Life's Journey, she put one up for me so I thought it was only reasonable!
    It's not the first time it's been called that, y'know.....

  5. and Oh... the pictures you paint in my head mtb!

    Whales? Never seen any, but then never really looked to be honest. They're pretty common up around the Moray Firth I think, so I suppose they must take a wee dander down here.... for their holidays mebbe.

  6. Now I understand the 'click to enlarge' bit in your profile!

  7. Ha.... you might need to double click....tee hee.
    Or mebbe just a wink.