Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Foundry Bar

It was the weekend of the Seafest in Arbroath. A celebration of all things nautical and fishy. It basically involves the cordoning off of the harbour area and charging people two quid in order to gain access to a host of stalls selling cheap crap which no one in their right mind would buy normally. Seems to work as 30,000 people flock to it every year.
One positive which comes out of it is that this pub goes to great lengths to celebrate the occasion. The Foundry Bar is a one off. Legendary in that it spawned The Foundry Bar Band, it keeps going strong where many Arbroath pubs have wilted and died over the years.

Not only do the baskets of flowers and the bunting come out. The window gets a makeover too.
The above beautifully crafted sign is a permanent fixture......

.......but this one is a specially commissioned work of art which lasts only for the Seafest weekend. Fortunately, you lucky peeps had me on hand to record it for your visual titillation.

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  1. Some day I'll get over to Arbroath and have a pint in the famous Foundry Bar. Sadly Jim Reid won't be singing a song in the corner!