Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Scottish Bluebells

I run the risk of making a complete dick of myself titling this post as I have. Given my lack of colour awareness and horticultural skills, these may well not be bluebells, but they look like it to me and it's my blog so there. Whatever they are, they're wild and pretty. These were taken up GlenIsla at the weekend.

The abundance of wildflowers wasn't really apparent until you got down close, seems to me there are quite a few species in this lot. Saddo of The Week prize goes to who can count the most.

Not even going to guess what these are........ but they made a nice backdrop to my lunch.

The sun was kissing the mountain in the distance but my camera couldn't quite pull off the full effect.


  1. Gorgeous shots - even the one you thought got away. (They're harebells, I think - but who cares? They're blue-ish and bell-shaped)

  2. Very beautiful series of photos, Neil.

  3. Hey Neil lovely flower photos, the harebells in the first shot are known as Scottish Bluebells, so you are right. The other blue flowers in the third shot are some sort of campanular (might be spelt wrong) I think. Anyway they are lovely and I wish there were more places full of wild flowers. Back in the dark ages when I was a child, the cornfields were full of poppies and cornflowers but now they're all herbisided away. shame. More of the Glen would be great.

  4. Neil, you realise all these folk are gonna come to see Scotland on the basis of your groovy pics and they'll end up somewhat disappointed by the reality. Unless you set up NT Tours.

  5. The Scottish Bluebells are just that and belong to the genus Campanula or literally translated, bells as do your luncheon companions. I make it six without the grasses, so reminiscent of herding cattle in the summers of my childhood.
    Wonderful place and photos.

  6. Thank you all for your unsurpassed horticultural knowledge. I know where to turn to for my next species enquiry.
    And of course the title of Saddo of the Week goes to Arija, mainly as she's the only one who made the bloody effort. Congratulations. Remember to wrap up cosy down there!