Sunday, 23 August 2009

Thistles and Puddles

Iconic Scottish image.......complete with wee beastie. I've never known whether the thistle should be regarded a a flower or a weed. Can anyone enlighten me on this one? People cultivate them in their gardens here..... not a lot it has to be said, but you do see them. On the other hand they're plentiful in the wild.

And anyway, why are they an iconic Scottish image? Answers on a postcard please.

All these pics were taken around Forfar Loch a few weeks back. As you can see from the above pic, there's quite a lot of algae on the loch just now. However it has improved in recent years. At it's worst the smell used to drift over the town and it could be breathtaking...... in an eye watering kind of way.

There are well maintained paths all around the loch and it's about a three mile walk. I've been desperate to see the otters which have taken up residence, but no luck yet.

These purple things are everywhere...... anyone tell me what they are?

We've never struggled to see puddles this summer...... I liked this one and the way the grass is poking up through the rainwater.

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  1. Looks like a great place to pitch a tent.

    I can't recall the British name for it, but in Canada, those 'purple things' are called fireweed and like the thistle to Scotland it's the flower of the Yukon (ffs, why do know this shit???).

    That thistle pic is excellent, Neil and a very nice poking bottom photo too!

  2. Weeds are just plants you don't want.

    Simple init?

  3. I love thistle ... I'll vote for flower.

  4. mtb - Handy too, after you land the seaplane on the loch..... and don't forget to forget your sleeping bag. ;-)

    Mog - You were blessed with more than your fair share of common sense. :-)

  5. Beautiful pictures..thistle in sweden are weeds for the most, but i think its kinda nice "flower".

    Have a nice day.

  6. I was thinking of forgetting my sleeping bag. ;-)

  7. But for God's sake don't forget the get ashore from the seaplane of course!

  8. Of course, of course, Neil to get to shore. I wouldn't want to have to swim and get all of my fetish wear wet!

  9. Hi Neil, your purple flowers are rosebay willow herb, also called fireweed because it often grows where land has been burnt, often in days gone by it was seen by the side of railway lines where sparks from the steam trains had set fire to the ground. God am I boring, but you did ask.

  10. Chris - Not boring at all, quite the reverse. It begs the question, why does it prefer ground which has been burnt?

  11. Commonsense, hmm, Thanks. I think. eek