Sunday, 14 February 2010

Piggies and Breakfasts

From this.....

To this.....

To this....

My favourite Sunday Scene...... note the absence of baked beans...... wtf is that all about?
Note also that Scottish peculiarity....square sausage or Lorne sausage as it's known in these parts. Don't ask me why.
Oh....... and the Aberdeen buttery roll....... another North East speciality. Scrumptious when warmed in the oven.
And don't forget the mug of builder's tea......and the bread and butter (Lurpak of course!)
Have I missed anything out?

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  1. Great post, the first shot is just so cute. Poor babies!

  2. ooh I'm hungry.....

  3. Homefries, mushrooms, sliced oranges, and bacon...there's no bacon? Also it's not breakfast with rolls, it must be brown toast and THIS corner of the globe.I s'pose you can do as you wish in your corner - including having a Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. That looks pretty delicious, Neil! ('cept for the blood pudding... yikes!)

    What's missing are extra place settings for all your blogging buddies. ;-)

  5. Fried bread, fruit pudding, mushrooms and of course a gallon of HP sauce :)

    Looks calorifically scrumptious I can feel my arteries hardening from here.

  6. I would like a few mushrooms with my breakfast please Neil. I love buttery rolls.

  7. Oh yes, mushrooms! And freshly squeezed orange juice, if it's not too much trouble. :D

  8. Hello Neil, ventured here from Chris' blog and have been delighted in my "look about". I do remember that bountiful breakfast when last we were in Scotland.... it took us through most of the day without hunger.

  9. It is Sunday and all I got was porridge.....your spread is yummy, yummy mouthwatering!