Friday, 12 February 2010

TFIF Sunset

I was very politely requested to post some sunset pics for Skywatch Friday. Given the politeness of the request, how could I refuse.

So the Almighty and I got together to produce this little series......
I've been meaning to stop and catch this windmill thing for ages and tonight was the perfect opportunity. It reminds me of the old wild west movies. Or possibly a good still from East of Eden. I can just see James Dean striding into this scene.

These were taken on my drive home from work this evening, between Arbroath and Forfar.
I wish I could have caught something a bit more interesting as foreground here.

I've posted a pic of this little cottage before. Albeit with my crap camera. The difference in quality of the pics is pretty obvious.

This is looking north towards the still snowy Grampian Mountains

And north west towards Craigowl. If you click to enlarge you might see the radio antennae on the top.
Red sky at night....... I passed a group of delighted looking shepherds round the corner.
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  1. Lovely and serene. Have a great weekend Neil.

  2. Incredible captures, Neil! Love the colors and how peaceful! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Stunning Neil - beautiful blurry lines of colour.

    PS, your barn is on fire !

  4. Fantastic photos of sunsets. They are absolutly beautiful, especially the ones with sihouettes in them.

  5. Breathtaking sunsets, Neil. You captured them perfectly. That's how they've been up here, too. The hills still covered in snow, and these stunning light displays each day. How lucky are we. :)