Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Here's a good one for you.....
My 13 year old daughter for some srtange reason doesn't live with me.
Her mum died recently and she decided I wasn't fit to take care of her....Her decision.
Due to this she lives with her cousin down in Dumfries.
She came home the other evening after a Modern Studies class, to inform me that David Cameron was the way to go.....because he was going to abolish tax on poor people.
Not only that....but she was informed that the SNP were irrelevent, because they didn't feature in the three way debate on telly.
Needless to say, a serious political conversation was required......



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  1. They encourage them to live in a fantasy world, where there are more people on the wagon, than pulling it.....and it works in their twisted philosophy !

  2. At least she's showing an interest in the political world around her! I don't recall even thinking about politics until I was in my twenties.

  3. 'History is written by the victors', so it doesn't surprise me what students learn in school...anywhere in the world. I spent my childhood in the 60's, saw Vietnam, assassinations, the Civil Rights movement, the Chicago 8,the Kent State shootings (40 years ago yesterday- remember 'Ohio' by CSN&Y?), later Watergate. I was an activist by the time i was 12. It wasn't what i was learning in school or what was being said by the Establishment, but the phenomenal investigative reporting that opened my eyes. Unfortunately, the news isn't what it used to be...even the BBC, as we saw with those debates. :(

  4. How things have changed - when I studied Modern Studies I came away a raving commie :)