Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fire In The Fields

Driving home from work this afternoon, I was struck by this blaze in the distance.

I've no idea what was burning.....

It wasn't a house or building.....I'm pretty sure of that.

But it looked pretty amazing whatever it was.

Slightly farther to the east it was raining.......


  1. Gorgeous! I love the plume meeting the sky on the first photo.

  2. Love the new design - fabulous!

  3. Looks like my bar-b-que the other night when I tried to rotisserie 2 chickens without the recommended tray of water to catch the grease.Oops.

  4. great stuff - i could do with a cloud making machine some days

  5. Fantastic photos, Neil.

    I like the idea of donnie's cloud making machine!

  6. oh wow! i love these shots, Neil! I especially like the third photo. Powerful. :) Lizzy

  7. I saw that smoke too, just as i was starting my Scone Palace/Stone of Destiny/Stolen Toilet Seat story to a group of older than average tourists.

    From the A9 it looked like Scone may be burning down. One can only assume from lack of media coverage that this was not the case. Phew!