Friday, 7 May 2010

Pitmuies Gardens 2

Further to my previous post about this beautiful garden. The above pic is of the 18th century house.

This is an enlarged pic of the detail I showed in the last post. Gorgeous or what?

Now when it comes to sammich and near beer spots.....this takes the proverbial biscuit....

Now I'm sure some of my green fingered gang out there can enlighten me on these beauties.

And for those of you who know of my passion for sundials....... Hallelujah!...and all mossy and licheny too!

There are lots of lovely woodland walks alongside the little burns.

I was sooo lucky to have the place to myself.

Bearing in mind these pics were taken at the beginning of May.......

..... Can you imagine just how beautiful it all is in mid summer when everything is in full bloom?

And once again.....I need some help from you horticulturalists here......I like to know the names of beautiful things.

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  1. That place is gorgeous, pictures are great :-)

    Have a great Weekend!

    Visit mine HERE :-)

  2. Wow that's the place I like to explore. The house is pretty!! Happy weekend!


  3. Oh Neil, what a lovely garden. In answer to your request about the flowers, the blue ones are muscari otherwise known as grape hyacinths and the white flowers are magnolia. The bark is some kind of cherry but I don't kknow which kind. I love the sammich spot and the water feature is wonderful. BTW I didn't realise that you are into sundials, next time I'm at Brodie I'll get a close up shot for you.

  4. Beautiful gardens, love all the photos. The flowers and scenes are gorgeous! Sorry, I can not help with their id.

  5. I think me the boy and the camera are going to have to get our arses up there - our Scone Palace season ticket just expired :)

  6. Such a beautiful gardens, love all the photos they are amazing. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Marinela x

  7. i am gardener at pitmuies the tree is a prunus serula(tibetian cherry )the white flowers are magnolia stellata