Wednesday, 11 February 2009

UFO over Arbroath Harbour?

A bright sunshiney day at Arbroath Harbour, could be a summers day...... but it was -1c. Didn't stop the aliens taking a spin over the harbour though! Don't mean to be ghoulish but it occurred to me that this was roughly the spot where the killer/s threw the suitcase containing the headless and handless corpse into the water last year. The trial is currently taking place at Edinburgh High Court. The victim's head and hands were washed up on the beach farther along.


  1. It also cannae be far from Gayfield which, as well as havin a great comedy name for a football ground, is where i'm lead to believe a shower of fish (sprats? sardines? unsmoked smokies?) once rained down on the pitch during a match.

    Is this true? What was the score?

  2. Nice one Naldo. It is indeed just about half a mile from Gayfield. Don't know about the truth of the matter regarding the shower of fish, but I've been to Gayfield many a time and could well believe it. It really is exposed and right on the shores of the North Sea. There really can be no colder and windier spot from which to view a fitba' match than here. I'll try and post a pic for you soon. By the way it was Arbroath 0 The Fish 2.