Thursday, 12 February 2009

Snowy Balgavies

Evening at the loch
Road to work this morning

Balgavies Loch this morning

Heavy snowfall this morning, didn't see that one coming. No mention of snow in the forecast. Roads were dodgy this morning on the way to work. My favourite bridie spot at Balgavies was very pretty this morning. Dundee ground to a halt by lunchtime, but they got between 6 and 9 inches. Buses went off and all the schools were closed. Fun and games. Interesting contrast in the light between the shots at the loch in the morning and at evening.


  1. 0-2? Tch!

    Shoudla known dem pesky Red Lichties couldnae hud their own against a bunch o haddies. Tch! (s they used to and probably still do say in the Broons)

    That snow looks serious. Not sure exactly where Balgavie's located but clearly no far from the sea. Funfunfun and just what's no really needed mid-recession.

  2. ....and if you think the Lichties are duff, my home town team Farfar are a whole league duffer. My preferred House of Pain is located 15 miles down the road at Dens.... we won't go there though.

  3. Aaaargh! If we're talkin Houses of Pain, Dens is the ultimate. I'm a Jamnbo and was 22 tender years of age in May 1986. That hurt but it may have given me a bit o perspective on fitba vis a vis life and death. Shankly wiz cool but he spraffed a lotta jobbies sometimes.

  4. Ah yes, May '86, a true landmark in the life of any Jambo. I was indeed present that fateful afternoon. A tad miffed because I couldn't get into the South Enclosure and had to watch from the Provie Road end. What on earth came over Albert Kidd that day I'll never understand. Hard to take at 22 though.