Monday, 3 August 2009

African Drum Village Glen Isla

Driving up GlenIsla yesterday I came across the preparations for The African Drum Village which starts tomorrow and runs through to the weekend. There's a nice wee video here.
Their website can be found here. According to the website it's sold out, but I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be too difficult to get tickets somehow. It fell in the wrong week for me, I start work again on Wednesday. Pity, looks like a hoot to me.


  1. That looks like heaps of fun, Neil. :-)

    I love the blending of cultures in the second photo.

    There are festivals, events, etc that celebrate the blending of Scottish-Canadian and Chinese-Canadian cultures on the westcoast of Canada (lots of people from Scottish and Chinese origins on the coast, compared to the rest of Canada).

    About 15 years ago Chinese New Year and Robert Burns Day were on the same day... and people just went with it...

    Pull a sickie and go drum! ;-)

  2. What a shame you've got to work, it would be wonderful to be there. I love drums. We were in The Gambia a few years ago and got to join in with some dancers and drummers in return for teaching them to rock 'n roll. Great fun

  3. I tell you what Neil, Its damn good fun. I was there for part of it last year, and some of the drumming was amazing.....just wear earplugs !

  4. Drums in Glenisla sounds the very dab. Used to be a great SYHA hostel up there plus a pub where i drank my first very underage Tartan Special for 32pence a pint. Bet they're both still there.

  5. The hotel is for sure, Naldo. Not sure about the hostel. They were never very big on the underage rules up there. I remember a party up there when I was 17. Someones parents had a holiday cottage up there and made the mistake of going away and leaving their daughter access to the cottage. It was pandemonium. My mate got his first car the day before and totalled it that night. O the laughs we had eh?

    I'm thinking even more about that sickie now Toaster!

  6. I love these shots -especially the broad, lively smiles.

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