Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Ghostly Trees

I took this pic on the way back home after a Van Morrison gig in Aberdeenshire (Banchory) last year. Don't ask me why, I think I just found it odd that a tree in the middle of nowhere had a 'neighbourhood watch' poster on it. It really was a deserted country road with nothing near it. So I took the pic....... little did I realise that there was a ghost emanating from it........ CAN YOU SEE THE FACE OF THE LADY?

Click to enlarge........ wooooooooooo......!

Edit : Not been comfortable with my header for a while....... reverted to my original, original header. Still like it the best....... comments?


  1. How spooky, your lady is obviously watching something even if there isn't a neighbourhood.

  2. That is spooky! have to agree with Chris, she does appear to be watching something! Maybe she's just guarding the watch poster -- maybe it's her neighbourhood! Ah, who knows???

  3. I don't see no fecking lady's face! And I can usually see faces in anything...

    I see night, trees, pretty foxgloves, a sign and squiggles. Lady's face, my ass!

    It is a very cool photo though!

  4. Even ghosts need protection against robber ghosts.
    Your header is stunning - always good to have a change.

  5. I remember when you took this, it was spooky!


  6. Toaster - Talking of your ass....what's that bulbous thing with fronds!......;-)

    jabblog - Thank you - header pic was taken near Gairloch on the West coast of Scotland.

  7. The bulbous thing with fronds in my bottom photo? Well, it's definitely not a lady's face. ;-)

  8. Looks like cigarette smoke to me... but it is cool picture.