Monday, 31 August 2009


Took these pics on the way home from work today. I rounded a bend and saw this combine harvester sitting unattended in the field and it just screamed ....'Take a pic'..... so I did. I get really paranoid about standing in the middle of nowhere taking pics of apparently nothing. I'm always aware of what the people in passing cars must be 'dick'. So I hope you appreciate the emotional angst that I go through to bring you these 'Visions of Angus'.

Don't know where the driver was..... having his tea mebbe?..... sleeping in the cab?

At least he wasn't around to say....'Hey dick, why you takings pictures of me?'.

It's not unknown in this area for Government 'snoops' to stand by the side of fields and take pictures of 'illegal' workers. So you understand my concern!

Anyhow...... here's a little piece of genius which ties in nicely with my poor efforts at capturing 'Harvest'.

For more poor efforts click here


  1. Very nice, Neil (you, not Young, although that's a great song). That's one of my most favourite colours... dried hay or barley or whatever crop it is. I just love that colour.

    Who knows, maybe you're on a 'here's a Government snoop' photo blog somewhere! =:-0

  2. I think these are terrific shots! The sky looks so threatening! I would have left that tractor/combine/whatever and sought shelter, too! Yep, one never knows when one's photo will show up in a "government snoop blog" -- we nutty would-be-photographers have got to attract the attention of some kind of a snoop! Ah, well, we have more fun than most. And, yes, I love Neil Young, too! Thanks for that as well!

    Have a great week, Neil (you, not Young)!

  3. Hi! New to your site...and feel right at home with (what could easily be) a Canadian prairie harvest, and a Canadian nugget, Neil Young. Both great! Thanks

  4. Neil Young - Harvest is one of my favourite albums, I hope the farmer got the harvest in before it rained, the sky looks rather threatening.

  5. This feels so much like California right now. All brown grasses (hence the wildfires) and a little grey sky.

    Have a great week.

  6. Just gotta add,
    talking about dusty old farmers and such ...

  7. Wonderful shots and look at the sky! Great!

  8. You're right, it is more difficult taking pictures in the very down to earth Scottish countryside. At least in the city I can pretend to be a (deranged) tourist.

  9. I absolutely love your harvest photos. Don't worry about looking a gawk. they couldn't lynch you if they tries, there isn't a tree for miles.

    Your hillside of poppies just blew me away!!!

  10. The harvest would be plenty for sure. Love the colors of your photographs.
    Wonderful world.

  11. Great contrast between the sky and the field, both in color and texture.