Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Woman's Heart

Ok ....so I'm a bloke, and this is undoubtedly a woman's song. Written by Eleanor McEvoy ( a woman) for women, purportedly. Most people associate the song with Mary Black and assume she wrote it, but they're wrong.
Mary Black was in the audience when Eleanor first sang it and invited her to include it on a compilation album of Irish female singers. The album went on to sell a million copies and was entitled 'A Womans Heart'.
But I love it and I don't see it as an exclusively 'womans song'. The heart is genderless.

Go on...... break yer heart.


  1. OK, I listened and broke mine. What a terrific song and what a great voice! And the heart is, indeed, genderless. Thanks, Neil, this is really special!


  2. My husband gave me that CD many years ago... it was one of those 'I'm sorry' gifts back when we were dating. LOL

    Hmm. I wonder what he did? (I don't remember!) Lovely song and great memories, Neil, thanks!

  3. Sylvia - so glad you broke your heart.....lol.

    Susan - Are you sure the memories are great?

    MTB - How did you guess?....My pointy bits are just all over the place! ;-)

  4. Oh, you poor dear... next thing you know you'll be seeing hallucinations on deserted roads...

  5. This has been one of my favorite songs for a long time.