Thursday, 3 September 2009

Lunan Bay, Tornados and Cookie Monsters

Is it a bird, is it a plane..... yes it's a Tornado fighter which I've no idea how I managed to catch....pure luck!
All these pics were taken within about 20 minutes of each other at Lunan Bay. A demonstration of just how varied the skies are at the moment. I literally did a 360 degree turn and snapped away and the difference in the skies was remarkable.
The Bay lies about half way between Arbroath and Montrose and is easily accessible by road.

Let's just get the obligatory dog shit bin out of the way first of all....... Not quite as scenic as the last one, but not too bad I think you'll agree...... as dog shit bins go.

This was facing due north..... what do you see there?....... cookie monster perhaps?

North west.......

West towards Montrose.......

East towards Arbroath......

Due South......

South west......

Same again, but panned out.
Lunan Bay is a popular haunt with Angus folk. Dog walkers paradise and a great spot for a picnic in the summer. It's even possible to swim here, the waters clear and pretty healthy.
Can be dangerous though, a kayaker drowned here a few weeks back. A friend of mine witnessed it. But all in all a beautiful part of the north east coast.
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  1. What an incredible collection!! Amazing! I've been able to get a variety like that within a few minutes and it always amazes me how quickly the skies can change! These are excellent and beautiful, Neil!

    Enjoy your weekend,


  2. Wow such variety of clouds all in one day! These are really fantastic photos, you capture the blueness of the sky beautifully =)

  3. beautiful from all directions.:P love the last two photos.

  4. Nice bin... but I notice that it's vapourless (if you get my meaning). I hope that's not a new trend.

    I hope that you spin around with your camera more often, Neil cos it gives a very good sense of the area. Fantastic scenery!

    And, of course, your bottom photo is the most loveliest.

  5. I've been there. A lovely part of the world. My brother lives just outside Montrose.

  6. Beautiful set. Lovely shots of a beautiful beach.

  7. You have a quick reflex to capture that supersonic fighter. Love that pic.

  8. Lovely coast views with the shore and grasses.
    The bin was nice too, who shouldn't love a doggie loo?

  9. Good pics, but the one heading the page is great! Excellent photo!

  10. Great sky shots! Beautiful part of the world you live in

  11. Beautiful series of shots. It is amazing how you can stand in one place and how different the sky can be as you turn, especially near the ocean. Thanks for sharing.

  12. A lovely selection Neil, the last two are gorgeous. If you wanttornado pictures you can sit in my garden and get some good closeups. Another scenic dogshit bin, if you get a few more you could put on an exhibition in a gallery I'm sure it would caue a stir. phew!

  13. Neil, the last two shots are like paintings and your white clouds are whiter than white. Love the contrast of the red doggy doo bin against the green too.

  14. I think the southwest shot is my favorite.

    That's really sad about the kayakers. I guess it's just another reminder of the fragility of life even in beautiful places.

  15. Thank you for taking me "west towards Montrose", what a beautiful view. I think we need a word for blog travelling. Blogroading?

  16. The last one was my fave because the foreground and the grass was so well presented.

    We have the same kind of dog shit bins here in Finland and if you think that is not scenic then you are spoiled!