Sunday, 13 September 2009

Reekie Linn

It was a fine sunny day yesterday, so I headed off to Reekie Linn, a waterfall on the River Isla situated about halfway between Kirriemuir and Alyth. I hadn't been here in many years. Last time I was there I had my now deceased dog with me, the sign is pertinent as she nearly deceased before her time when she slipped at the edge of the path!

I loved this part of the path where you have to squeeze between the two trees, there's something cosy and comforting about it.

The bright sunshine piercing the trees and the leaves left some lovely dappled effects and the temperature was just about right for a picnic. Back at the car park there was a family going the whole hog with a barbecue (well ok not a whole hog, burgers maybe), and the smell was drifting through the woods.

Unfortunately, I had to make do with sammiches and near beer, but they did the trick in staving off hunger.

I took this just as I jumped in.......


As you can see, jumping in is probably not a sensible option.

The pool at the bottom of the falls is around 36 metres deep, so I believe. I didn't check it out personally.....

Reekie Linn gets it's name from the spume (what a great word!) which rises from the falls and resembles smoke. Hence Reekie as in Auld Reekie (Edinburgh). It's literal translation is 'Smoky Pool or Falls'.

I came over all peculiar when I saw this old tree, can't think why........
The pictures themselves don't really do justice to the real thing. The thunderous roar of the falls is a major part of the experience. There are other vids on You Tube which give a better idea of the noise, but I liked this one as it has The Skids playing Into The Valley, a Scottish classic!

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  1. Thanks, I enjoyed the walk on the trail to the waterfall. I am glad you didn't jump. Thank you for sharing your part of the world.

  2. This is a pretty cool place. It is only because of you that I know it exists.

  3. What a gorgeous spot. Love the path between the trees.

  4. Lovely photos, Neil.... although your feet over the edge one is a bit tummy fluttering.

    Love the spume!

    You've certainly upped the ante for all the bottom photo enthusiasts!

  5. What a fabulous series of shots, Neil -- and, yes, have to admit that I got a giggle when I saw the one with your feet over the edge! Love your sense of humor. And what a gorgeous place this is! Love the path and the tree and I could almost hear the water!

    Great post!


  6. That's my kind of place Neil, thanks for the tour. The waterfall is well named. Glad you didn't jump, those trainers look too good to waste. Only joking. Would love to visit this place.

  7. Got vertigo looking at your shoes! Good work!

  8. Great trip along this path (and I'm sure I would have)The waterfall is amazing - so powerful.