Saturday, 6 June 2009


Auchenblae's name is a derivation from the gaelic for 'field of flowers', probably due to the large amount of Flax grown in the area many moons ago.

I noticed this place was up for sale, probably get it quite cheap just now I'd imagine.

The rolling landscape of the Mearns from just outside Auchenblae. Sunset Song country. The deep reddish clay of the earth.

'Clean and keen and wild and clear, the evening ploughed land's smell up in your nose and your mouth when you opened it, for Netherhill's teams had been out in that park all day, queer and lovely and dear the smell Chris noted'

Sunset Song, Lewis Grassic Gibbon 1901-1935.

In the Parish church vestibule is a Celtic stone, this has been a religious site since the 7th century. St Palladius died and is reputedly buried here. The ancient ruin of St Palladius' Chapel is still in the kirkyard along with a memorial to Scotland's first Protestant martyr, George Wishart who was burnt at the stake in St Andrews by Cardinal Beaton. Having said that I don't mean literally by him. That is I don't think he struck the match.........

And rather than end on all this goriness and unpleasant forms of death, this is a pleasant wee corner of the village...... better now?
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  1. Excellent shots, the third one is my favourite, love that countryside.

    Regina In Pictures

  2. This is all just an elaborate property advert, aint it? ;-)

    Well then, how cheap is quite cheap, Neil?

  3. I'm liking that house that's up for sale.I think it's a pretty town.

  4. Lol - Make me an offer.......

  5. I enjoyed every moment of the trip. Nice place - looks green and peaceful.

  6. A lovely account of your trip - enjoyed it. Thank you! Favourite photos are 3, 5 and 6.

  7. It's like one of those wee unchanged places you just stumble across when out and about. Lovely red brick buildings.

  8. Beautiful! "The rolling landscape of the Mearns" is my favourite! //Eva

  9. Thank you so much for the virtual tour of the town. It is gorgeous. That red clay soil looks like what we have in Georgia in the United States.

  10. Enjoyed the post. And your blog is interesting..

    Las Islas Filipinas World

  11. Flippin eck, Neil. Was LGG really only 34 when he copped his whack? That makes me feel like a right loafer.

  12. Hey Naldo, nothing like committing yourself to running in a marathon... on a blog... for all the world to read... and to remember... and remind you... constantly... ;-) to not feeling like a loafer, isn't there?

    Copped his whack! There's a new one...

  13. What a bloody cheek you have, whoever you are!! The house that was for sale that you so rudely to a picture of without the owners permission, which happens to be me, was not cheap! Just because the outside needed a little TLC, the inside was restored to a beautiful condition!! Never judge a book by its cover!! Pillock!

  14. Hello anonymous. Thanks you for dropping by to call me a pillock.
    Firstly, my comment merely meant that due to the current economic downturn the house may be available at a reasonable price. I wasn't calling your house cheap.
    Secondly, taking pictures of buildings and houses doesn't require the owners permission.....and I didn't take it fact I was smiling.
    Now piss off.

  15. You really are one arrogant, little prick! If I wanted pictures of my house to be plastered on any other website apart from the estate agents, then I would have it myself! Don't make idle comments on subjects that don't concern you in any way, shape or form. Now I think it may be time for you to piss off, you arsehole!

  16. Can I play too? To Anonymous, the comment in the post with the photo of "your" house said "I noticed this place was up for sale, probably get it quite cheap just now I'd imagine".

    So why exactly have you taken offence? This was written two and a half years ago - June 2009 - at the height of the economic downturn. It's a fair comment.

    You have bought a beautiful house which, rightly or wrongly may end up in many photo blogs, holiday photo albums, or whatever. Are you going to verbally attack anyone in your street with a camera?

    All you have done now is to highlight for all where you live and that you are rude and short-tempered!!

  17. Just wanted to say I played golf at Auchenbale in May 2011. Was just leaving at 09.30 at night as dusk was descending and there sitting on the first tee (the championship one) was a muckle great black cat, about the size of a labrador. Straight up. Apparently it's well known by those that play golf there.