Wednesday, 3 June 2009


This fountain was built in 1869 and dedicated to Sir John Hepburn Stuart Forbes, Baronet of Pitsligo and Fettercairn, obviously a very important dude or he wouldn't need so many names.

As you can see from the blackboard, none of your burger and chicken nugget shite here. This impressed me greatly. This was on the lunch menu of the Ramsay Arms Hotel and it very nearly tempted me in. However, one had a bridie in one's car and it seemed a shame to waste it.

This wee burn tinkles merrily through the village just north of the arch.

The Mercat (Market) Cross sits in the centre of the Mercat Square. It must be one of the very few multifunctional Mercat Crosses in Scotland. It incorporated a 37.5 inch groove (or one ell) which was the standard unit of measurement for traders at the time, it also acted as the stocks when the baddies required to be taught a lesson. But most importantly it has........ a SUNDIAL!

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  1. Interesting post, Neil and informative.

    I now know what an ell is; I had never heard of one before.

    And I googled 'Sir John Hepburn Stuart Forbes' and the 16th result of that search confirms that he was indeed a very important dude, haha!

    That wee burn looks lovely... and cooling.

    Looking forward to what's next.