Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Knobbly Stonework and Another Arch

Following the resounding popularity :-) of yesterdays Dalhousie Arch, here's another. This is Fettercairn, about five miles up the road from Edzell.
I've passed through this place on many occasion but yesterday was the first time I've actually stopped and had a wander around. I always had a pretty dim view of it for some reason, possibly due to crap weather and possibly due to the fact that it always had a kind of deserted feel to it.
But the weather was beautiful yesterday and wandering around I came to appreciate what a lovely little place it is.
The first impression you get (as with Edzell) is the Arch. They built this one to commemorate a visit in 1861 by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. They stopped off on a journey to Balmoral and stayed in the Ramsey Arms overnight. The story goes that they too enjoyed a wee dander around the village and no-one recognised them....... yeah right! What got me was the cost of building the arch.... £250. Strikes me as extortionate for a glorified wall with a hole in it.
There's a nice wee distillery up on the hill overlooking the village. Owned by Whyte & McKay it produces single malt whisky, 'Old Fettercairn' at 10 and 12 year old. And yes, you get a free dram if you do the tour.
The close up of the 'knobbly stonework' is specially for MTB. I thought you'd like this.


  1. Looks like a quaint little place. Where are all the people? Both the arches are great examples of old stonework, yet I especially like the rough stoned building. In this country a good mason is almost imposible to find. Nice captures.

  2. Like it I do, Neil. It's fantastic, thank you!

    I dig the creative, DIY home networking job too, hee hee and your arch photo... you caught the full height of that church tower under the arch, your poor knees! ;-)