Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Cat Vomit

I'm sick as a parrot.... but I couldn't find a pic of a parrot being sick so this cat's gonna have to do.
Reason I'm sick is my pc's all over the feckin place, so my apologies if my posts are not up to their usual magnificent standard.
I think I've picked up a virus. Everything is running slow and I can't get access to sites and email and all sorts.... IT'S DOING MY HEAD IN!
So I'm off to run every anti virus programme I've got, then I'm gonna dowload some more and run them, then ...... ad infinitum.
Wish me luck.


  1. Oh dear...

    Neil, a few months ago, I got a nasty virus and went to my local geeky computer shop and they said that some anti-virus software is actually malware (or something like that)... shit you don't want but disguised as something you do want... like most crap, really, I guess.

    I got so confused by it all, I ended up buying a new laptop (caught a good deal!). I haven't even turned on the old one since (too afraid to!).

    Good luck...

  2. Oh dear, bad luck - and I think the cat in your photo is actually a dog!
    PCs are great all the while they work but when they go wrong they are a real pain. Hope yours recovers soon.

  3. "I think the cat in your photo is actually a dog!"

    OMG, I think you're right, jabblog! lol...

  4. Well done Jabblog, you passed the test. Shame on you MTB, for one who is usually so eagle eyed.....

  5. Whatever that beast in the photo is, i think it's looking for my marbles. Lost sometime over the weekend between Inverness and Embra.

    Glad you're back online, Neil. Problem solved?

  6. Well, I was too busy with smouldering. ;-)

  7. Sounds like Loch Ness was just the horses knob Naldo. Ye cannae whack burnin off a few brain cells. Problem schmoblem, this fuckers going in the bin if it doesn't behave itself.

    In that case you're excused, a smouldering MTB is not to be interrupted.