Monday, 17 August 2009

Chainsaws and Vicious Toy Cows

A couple of weeks back was the Arbroath Seafest which took place along the harbour and seafront area of the town. The above pic shows the Smokie stall. This was my favourite as the smell of the wood burning under the wet sacks combined with the aroma of the cooking fish is distinctly unusual and quite appetising. I'm no great fish lover but I have to admit the flavour of Smokies is pretty special. Apparently, according to EU legislation, if it's not smoked within 8 kilometres of Arbroath harbour it can't be called a Smokie.

The queue for the freshly smoked delicacies was huge..... not entirely convinced about the sartorial elegance of the stallholder though...

This was the stall for the Scottish Conservative Party. Busy eh?...... Just goes to show that Arbroath folk have more sense than they are often given credit for! (Just a wee political swipe there)

A worried looking owl wonders if he's gonna be next! And just what on earth are those phallic looking objects in the bottom left corner?

The queue for Madame Spooky's Caravan, I was sorely tempted to join it but there were some disturbing attacks taking place by toy cows...... I got out of there fast!

I gave this a body swerve too as I didn't think the crowd would appreciate seeing my Smokie reappear in a glorious technicolour swirl...... A Grand Day Out (with apologies to Wallace and Gromit)
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  1. Looks like a wonderful time. Sure would love a sample of the fish!

  2. I'm not sure what the phallic looking objects in the bottom left corner are either Neil but 'splinters' was the first word that came to my mind, so I know what they are definitely not!

  3. Looks like fun! And the smokies sound delicious!
    The stalls are surely colorful! Great shots, Neil!


  4. A very interesting festival. Sounds like a great way to smoke the fish. Hope you enjoyed it.

  5. That looked like a fun day out. I really liked the owls, and the mushrooms!

  6. Great fun and delicious smokies but I'm sorry you missed out on the spooky caravan!

  7. Looks like a great day out. I love Smokies too. That toy cow looks quite scary you were right to stay clear, and any way Madam Spooky may have told you to stay away from smoke and chainsaws and spoilt your day.

  8. Thank you all for your comments folks. The day was ok but I have to say that in past years I've always had my little girl with me. It just wasn't the same this year as I was on my tod, due to the fact that she's now living up in the Hebrides. Ho hum.

  9. I see someone on the roller-coaster has lost her shoes and I suspect those phallic-looking thingies are just that - phallic-looking thingies for an old lady's garden.