Friday, 25 September 2009

Foresters Seat

Apologies for the lateness of this weeks Skywatch pics. I was so exhausted after all the fresh air involved in taking these yesterday evening that I feel asleep before I got round to posting them.......

......but better late than never eh? I stopped at Foresters Seat Caravan Park on the way home to Forfar from Arbroath to take these. The skies were just so full of different cloud varieties that I couldn't resist it.

As I was happily snapping away, a 4x4 drew up beside me and the lady driver sized me up and said 'What are you doing?'........ Not....Hi.....what are you doing?, or Hello, nice day eh? What are you doing?.......Just 'What are you doing?
Immediately, the hackles rose......but being a mild mannered kinda guy, I simply looked at the camera in my hand and said 'Taking some pictures'....... then looked at her in a sort of confused, 'What does it look like?' know, as you do.
Turned out she was the 'manager' of the Caravan Park, and we subsequently managed a convivial chat. But it got me thinking about how important those first few words can be in any situation between strangers.

Not only in terms of the actual words used, but the inflection used when saying them.
Those four words........What are you doing?...... Place the emphasis on each different word and the meaning changes dramatically.

.........The wonders of the English language eh?
......... Funnily enough, the lady was English..........

........and rounding off with a nice bottom pic for M.
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  1. My hackles would have risen too. Wonder what she had to hide...

  2. The second picture above is really startling; realms of air, realms of earth. Wonderful photo.

    The caravan lady probably thought you were "casing the joint" as they might say in a gangster movie. Sounds like the start of a story...

  3. Beautiful photos!

    And your story definitely says something about human to human interaction today, where respect and kindness are concerned.

  4. Great sky shots, we do seem to have had lovely skys this past while, did you persuade the caravan lady to join in with Skywatch? By the way that's a really scenic dogshit bin in your bottom shot.

  5. I just think everyone is suspicious now a days. Lovely photos and I enjoyed the scenery. thanks for sharing.

  6. Yes, there is lots of suspicion these days. Sad, but true. These are fantastic shots, Neil! Beautiful clouds and skies!

    Have a great weekend! Try not to stir up any more suspicion -- might get in the way of shooting more pics!


  7. Shots worth waiting for..."What was SHE thinking?"or, perhaps,"What was she THINKING?" or even maybe, "WHAT was she thinking?" ...hmmm

  8. "What are you doing?"

    Ha! Serves you right for taking bottom photos, Neil. ;-)

    And a very lovely one it is, complete with a dog shit bin. Thank you. :-)

    These are exceptional photos, btw!

  9. Should have said that these skies are 'awesome'!

  10. Spectacular sky pictures!

    Wonderful captures!!